Our annual PushPin show/event will be on February 12th, 2019. Members can start putting work on the walls February 5th Work can stay on Gallery walls UNTIL February 26th We are switching things up a little this year so read carefully: As always, the PushPin event is for NOPA members ONLY. So you can’t pop … Continue reading NOPA PUSH PIN 2019

2018 CJL Finalist: Lydia Panas

  The women and girls in Sleeping Beauty lie outdoors on the ground in a vulnerable position, yet they are alert and aware.  In this work, I investigate early hopes and expectations, the belief that we can do anything, which leaves us at odds as we mature and internalize resistance from society. The portraits highlight the capacity for … Continue reading 2018 CJL Finalist: Lydia Panas

2018 CJL finalist: Ashley Miller

  The still life, as a type of representation, nods toward product and food photography, but I try to complicate the subtext of desire with elements of violence and disgust and humor. In this way, the familiar becomes something strange. Colors and textures and cliches play off each other. Everyday artifacts are carefully arranged within … Continue reading 2018 CJL finalist: Ashley Miller

2018 CJL Finalist: Christopher Jordan

  These pictures situate a mystical narrative along the edge of suburbia, a seemingly bland and uneventful place. This banality can incubate something curious, such as the luminous events shown in these landscapes. Conceptually, these pictures depict thresholds between physical, geographical, and psychological states of being. Twilight is situated between day and night, while suburbia … Continue reading 2018 CJL Finalist: Christopher Jordan