Opens November 3, 2018

Closes November 24, 2018

As human beings, our lives are a continuously transformative process that give us the ability to expand our consciousness in a multitude of ways. At its core, transformation is a process that is a result of intense and mindful reflections of oneself and our relationship to the rest of the world. Unfortunately in today’s world, the possibility and efficacy of these transformative processes are sometimes stunted by illegitimate constructs such as race, class, creed and sexuality. While sometimes bleak, the future does however provide hope for a more collectively empathetic existence that enables everyone to transcend these destructive divisions - but this will only occur if we increase our openness to others.
Eyesolation is an exhibition featuring 20 works from individuals who have been served by the Rebuild Center - a center in New Orleans that provides day services to individuals affected by homelessness. The photos within this exhibition seek to provide viewers with a pathway into the eyes of individuals affected by this crisis while also serving as a catalyst for heightened empathy and growth. All of the works included were taken as a part of a project known as #EverydayNewOrleans which was a collaboration between the New Orleans Museum of Art, the New Orleans Photo Alliance and The Everyday Projects.

Featured photographers:

Sarah Z.
Glenn Browne
Juston Winfield
Shonda Favoroth
Ted Hanson
Howard Langley
Jose Robles
Louis Herrera

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