What is Harmony?

Opens July 18, 2021

Closes August 31, 2021

As part of our on going collaboration with New Harmony High School and the New Orleans Museum of Art, NOPA coordinated a project to with local students to explore the fundamentals of photography and curating with some of the city’s foremost artists. The culmination of this project, What Is Harmony?, will be on view to the public on an exterior fence outside of the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden in City Park through August, 2021.

As part of their world literature curriculum, Sophomore students from New Harmony High analyzed Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, a novel about Nigeria's Igbo culture and the violence it endured through colonialism. Through the novel's themes, they consider how people can collectively build a more sustainable future for ourselves, our communities, and the environment. Students' visions of change were expressed through the medium of photography. In addition to reading and discussing Things Fall Apart, the students attended lessons from local artists. Weekly workshops and artist-led photo prompts were provided by Monique Verdin, Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes, Aubrey Edwards, Lisa Cates, Brittany Lindsey, Cody Ainey, and Nic Brierre Aziz.

Featured Image by New Harmony High student Mei Miller.

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