Michael P. Smith Fund For Documentary Photography 2013 Grantee Andrew Kaufman Panama Canal Expansion

Juror's Statement

Andrew Kaufman's project on the Panama Canal contains so many elements of fine, long-form documentary photography. Kaufman has sculpted an eloquent portrait out of the dizzying and tumultuous array of events, circumstances and activities that constitutes such a mammoth construction project. His commitment and resolve to stay with this difficult and complex project for a number of years in order to provide the rich context to the series that is so necessary for our understanding of his subject is the hallmark of a serious documentary photographer. He balances epic views, graphic and muscular settings and telling human context in a way that is riveting. Kaufman's project continues the noble and heroic lineages reaching back, even past Lewis Hine and many other great documentary photographers, to some of the earliest chroniclers of our world and its epic events.

Kevin Miller
Director of the Southeast Museum of Photography

Congratulations to all of the Finalists in the 2013 Michael P. Smith Fund For Documentary Photography

Kaufman's Project Proposal

All images © Andrew Kaufman