The Clarence John Laughlin Award 2012 Grantee Lee Deigaard Unbidden

Lee Deigaard's work explores the emotional spaces and physical landscapes where humans and animals co-habitate, cross-species communication, and the animal protagonist. See more from her Unbidden series here.

Juror's Statement

How does one edit from such a large treasure trove of images? The process of judging a photography competition is a combination of experience—years of looking at work, knowing what is going on in the field, intellectually understanding what the photographer is saying--and not to be underrated, instinct. What you will find in this collection of photographs is work that will make you laugh, some that will bring you to tears, but most importantly are the images that challenge how you think about the medium. Good art is about taking chances and the award winners in this group are fearless in exploring new possibilities.

This is a time of transition in our field. There is a new future emerging that is about the transmission and interpretation of images, along with a hybridization of technologies, which is informing the creation of photographs. All that is exciting in photography today is represented here—the narrative; the painterly; manipulation; powerful documentary; minimalism; color; black and white; portraiture landscape; conceptual—the list goes on. The work shown here is evidence of the power and excitement that defines the medium today.

Thank you for the privilege of being a judge. The quality of work was extraordinary and it was a rare opportunity to view such a wide range of photography.

Deborah Klochko
Museum of Photographic Arts

Congratulations to all of the Finalists in the 2012 The Clarence John Laughlin Award

Congratulations to all of the finalists for the third annual Clarence John Laughlin Award:

Anne Berry
Aaron Blum
Francisco Diaz
Meggan Gould
Priya Kambli
Deborah Luster
Wallace Merritt
S. Gayle Stevens
Maggie Taylor