Leslie Elliottsmith

MEMBER SINCE 2016 http://elliottsmith.us

Artist Statement

  I like to create metaphorical images which delve into the minefield of life.  In our mass media consumer culture bombarded with easily disregarded images, it is my goal to make the viewer stop, think, and ponder. The photographic canvas is an empty space until I create a visual world of personal symbolism and iconography which the viewer must engage and decipher.

The exact concept I am conveying may not be initially evident.   When working on an image it is akin to someone who meditates and suddenly has an epiphany.  The imagery slowly evolves as each part of the piece sparks the subsequent imagery.  The final narrative becomes clear through a series of decisions on what to use and how to place it in the composition.  I search through my archives of images and many times one will spark a connection with another photograph I have taken. Thus begins the journey to the final concept for the work.

  Frequent themes that prevail in many of my works are water, life-cycles, regeneration and time.   Time is frequently reflected as an interaction between the natural world and the man-made world.  I think of my photographic compositions as I would if I were painting a canvas.