Carrie Lee Schwartz


Carrie Lee Schwartz is an artist who is inspired by nature and its " ever changing and unpredictable perfection." She uses a variety of media to create works that reflect on the relationship between man and nature, specifically, her South Louisiana home.

Carrie earned her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Newcomb College of Tulane University and her Master's of Fine Arts from The Rhode Island School of Design. Her creative works have been exhibited for over 30 years and collected internationally. Her formal training in the arts, specifically in glass, drawing, painting and photography, have given her insight into working with light as she manifests her ideas regardless of the medium in which she is working.

Her works draw on her deep understanding of the tenuous, fragile experience of both growing up in the wetlands and also living next to the strength and power of the Mississippi River.

Carrie is also a hobbyist beekeeper and pollinator advocate and her efforts to learn how to properly keep bees, and farm, including her mistakes and failures are documented in her various media presences online. She makes a point of taking at least ten images a day in her garden and yard to document the changes in the seasons and the relationships of each plant to the pollinators that survive on their nectar and pollen.

Her recent " Weaving Light Series " is entirely from her garden and is a yearlong study of light and its interaction with various filliments in nature.

As the wetlands and the Louisiana landscape has changed rapidly in her lifetime, Carrie has made a point of trying to document what many are now calling the "Great migration", where many New Orleanians and others have moved north to higher ground since Katrina, taking Southeast Louisiana Culture with them as they go. She also documents select cultural events in the entire South East Louisiana region including rodeos, Livestock shows, Rural Mardi Gras parades and rides and other events. click on creations to see more of her work