Charles Crain

MEMBER SINCE 2008 My life's work has been to capture character in the human face, reveal each person's path to that moment, provide truthful still images, utilize available light and employ a photojournalistic conversational approach.

When Charles bought his first Nikon F more than four decades ago his initial studies were of derelict architecture, machinery and also street photography-a genre that the New York Times called,”…shots of everyday people living out their private lives in public”. In this type of portraiture, he has the keen ability to capture expressed emotion and life experiences reflected in faces and gestures. In a quickly developed relationship, Charles can put a subject at ease with a kind word or gesture – it results in a timely connection.

His concentration is fine art with a recent deviation to the film & television industry. He has also developed series documenting various ethnic groups, including various Native American communities. This country continues to evolve and the diversity of its population changes with every new generation and wave of immigration. The goal of these endeavors has been to celebrate this transformation with portraits of dignity and distinction.

A native of South Louisiana, Charles has been influenced by its unique Cajun & Creole legacy and the extraordinary painters, sculptors and photographers from this region. He is a founding member of the New Orleans Photo Alliance and has had solo exhibits in Miami and Scottsdale with group shows in Austin, Bucks County, Lafayette, London, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, San Diego and Portland. Charles' work has been recognized in numerous international competitions, online exhibits based in Asia and Europe; and, is housed within various private and museum collections.