Jay Boersma

The Simple Truths (and Complex Lies) project is a blend of inquiry and absurdity that borrows from post-modernism, Dada, and sixties experimentalism with some Ernie Kovacs, Spike Jones and Mad Magazine thrown in to keep things moving.

While diverse in materials, methods, and presentation, the Simple Truths pieces share a common goal which is to present content to the viewer in unanticipated ways. The result is sometimes amusing, sometimes disturbing, and generally thought-provoking. Sub-themes within the overall project investigate self-portraiture, sexual relationships, sacred cows, regular cows, the history of art and photography, the history of life as we know it, and a few uniquely human attributes such as lust, pretense, and regret.

Much, but not all, of this is enclosed in a layer of ironic humor that may help buffer steadily increasing evidence that nihilism is actually a pretty palatable idea.

(Or not.)