Meryt Harding


Meryt Harding was born in England. Upon leaving school she traveled for three years before studying to become a Registered Nurse at Charing Cross Hospital in London. After completing her studies, she resumed her travels backpacking around South America for over a year. She moved to the United States where she has spent most of her adult life.  She studied Visual Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design and the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and has taken several photography workshops . She has exhibited her work nationally. She is presently living in New Orleans.


Having been a world traveler for most of my life, I feel fortunate to be able to combine my love of travel and the visual arts. I want to share images of the people and places I have been lucky enough to have encountered and document some of the unique dress, culture, and traditions in our rapidly changing world. I travel with a camera, a sketch book and a diary to record my senses, experiences and environment. When painting in oils, I usually paint traditionally. Beginning with an under painting or grisaille, I then use multiple layers of paint and thin glazes.These paintings often take months to complete. Over the years I have noticed a definite decline in traditional dress and culture and my new series ” Fading away” is born out of this observation.

I also use photography as another creative medium. The photograph is such a wonderful tool to tell a story, capture a moment and evoke many different responses from the viewer. I find that having a camera opens doors into peoples lives that would often have not been so easy without one. Even with language barriers people are often happy to share their lives with me.