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40 to 67 / Active Stills

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On view through August 10, 2008 at Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center, 1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. (in the Saturn Screen Printing Building across the street from Cafe Reconcile).

An independent collective of Palestinian and Israeli photographers present 34 images from four Palestinian cities occupied by Israel: Hebron, Jerusalem, Bethlehem & Gaza.

ActiveStills operates in Israel and Palestine and focuses on social and political documenting, projects production, publications and open exhibitions at topics in which the public is not exposed in its daily informative routines, managed by the established media.

For the Palestinians it is 40 Years of Occupation since the territories were occupied in 1967 and for Israel it is a victory celebration of the six day war which multiplied Israel’s area threefold and was seen as the greatest success Israel could hope for. Is it truly a victory? Who are those who still pay the price for it? As victory celebrations are held in Israel the only narrative is that of the greatness and heroism of the state, while in fact settlements continue to expand on Palestinian land whose owners have been expelled. Millions of people live in a reality of imprisonment, oppression, dispossession, humiliation and denial of basic human rights. That reality is a mirror to Israeli society, an image it refuses to see. Those are the achievements of the war.

Local contact:
Leo Gorman (504) 616-1777

Far from focusing on oppression, genocide and suffering these exhibitions look at the exquisite beauty and vibrant spirit of these people and places.

On view 30 minutes prior to all of Zeitgeist’s nightly programming and during the day via appointment. (504) 827-5858.