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NOPA Photographer Directory

NOPA photographers excel in the field of professional photographic shooting. Find the right person for your portraits, event, or artwork or get connected to local talent in adjacent fields.

Brandt Vicknair

Brandt Vicknair is a commercial photographer and visual artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. Client Work – brandtimages.comPersonal Fine Art Work – brandtvicknair.comMash Buhtaydusss (Mixed Media Art Duo = Brandt Vicknair + Barbie L’Hoste) –

Christopher Ryan

Christopher Ryan (born in Mobile, AL, 1968) is an international conceptual portrait photographer. He studied photography at San Diego City College in 2015 after ending a previous career in project management in the high-rise construction industry. The real world was more attractive than the academic setting and the decision was made to move to Asia.… Read More »Christopher Ryan

Jason Paul Roberts

Jason Paul Roberts is a New Orleans based photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. After receiving his art degree in Illinois, Jason moved to Colorado where he became one of Denver’s top studio photographers for artists and entertainers. Jason went on to study abroad under several acclaimed Magnum photographers and subsequently earned a second degree in Multimedia… Read More »Jason Paul Roberts

George Long Photography

George has vast experience photographing events of all kinds. Architecture, aerials, editorial, and the industrial and maritime industries are favorite subjects with particular focus on people at work. Discreet and respectful, George works well with architects and designers, meeting planners, celebrities and CEOs. He loves great design, smart technology, and people who work hard. He’s… Read More »George Long Photography

Charles Muir Lovell

Charles Lovell has long been passionate about photographing people within their cultures. Upon moving to New Orleans in 2008, he began documenting the city’s second line parades, and social aid and pleasure clubs, capturing a unique part of New Orleans’ rich cultural heritage. Since 1980 his photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally in 27… Read More »Charles Muir Lovell

Karl Turner

My focus is primarily landscape and nature photography. Chasing light brings me joy, morning, evenings or at night. Instagram: @da.shooter Email:

The Neutral Ground Studio

A born and raised New Orleans photographer who enjoys showing a different side of New Orleans than what most people are accustomed to seeing. Albeit my New Orleans at Night “series” or images of everyday Nola life that sometimes get lost in the shuffle, this is Nola.

Social Shadow Consulting, LLC

I am a Renaissance individual. I engage the world as a proven leader in social media consulting. I have extensive hands-on experience working with small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations in Social Media Marketing & Management, Graphic Design for web publishing, Event Planning from small venues to festivals, and Digital Photography. As a true… Read More »Social Shadow Consulting, LLC

Peter Tilgner

I see the world around me as photo opportunities. Subject matter, light, color, and composition are constantly being played out in my mind. Collections of these photographs are the source material for my merged image pictures. Combining images of every day people, places, and things into content driven pictures is the challenge. By merging image… Read More »Peter Tilgner

Eli Mergel

As a photographer in New Orleans I try and set myself apart by not showing destruction, but by showcasing the amazing human spirit that exists here. I shoot both digital and film and love working with new and unusual clients. Nothing is too strange.

charles crain

My life’s work has been to capture character in the human face, provide truthful still images, utilize available light and employ a photojournalistic conversational approach. When Charles bought his first Nikon SLR the resulting studies were of derelict architecture, machinery and also street photography – a genre that the New York Times has called “…shots… Read More »charles crain

Christopher R Harris Photojournalist

For over twenty-five years I worked worked as a freelance photojournalist for major news media worldwide. From my base in New Orleans I photographically documented the news of the world for TIME, Life, Newsweek, the New York Times, Der Spiegler, and the London Times as well as many other major publications. As a photojournalist I… Read More »Christopher R Harris Photojournalist

Wayan Barre

Born in France, Wayan Barre lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been covering the news as a photojournalist since 2021 and worked on several long-term projects focusing on social disparities and environmental issues. He also provides commercial and corporate work to various clients (brands, companies and non-profits) and services in wedding photography.

Dan McCormack

I began to make multiple images of a nude in a grid in 1967 while beginning my MFA Thesis in Photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The thesis was an exploration of Set Theory math. In grids of 5×5, 8×8 or 10 by 10, I found numeric rules to order the… Read More »Dan McCormack

Craig Mulcahy

Craig Mulcahy is a British photographer currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana and specializes in portrait focused and entertainment photography.

Cosette Richard Photography & Videography

Cosette Richard is a New Orleans based photographer, videographer, visual storyteller and digital artist. She is regarded as a photographer who captures the soul of New Orleans, the essence of black culture and the essence of life in America in vivid detail with a sense of purpose. Her photography is published in the book, “The… Read More »Cosette Richard Photography & Videography

Casey Joiner

Casey Joiner is a photographer in New Orleans, LA. Her work is based in the documentary practice and is informed by her affection for places full of peculiar nonsense and deep struggle, slow things, longstanding traditions, and growing up in the Deep South.

Ariya Aladjem Wolf

Much of my creative work over the past two decades relies on collaboration and cooperation. I am a founding member of Southerly Gold, an all-female photography collective, and also a performer in the vocal ensemble Serpentine, who use sound and activated spaces to promote transformation and healing. After Hurricane Katrina, I co-founded One Bird/The New… Read More »Ariya Aladjem Wolf