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Dan McCormack

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I began to make multiple images of a nude in a grid in 1967 while beginning my MFA Thesis in Photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The thesis was an exploration of Set Theory math. In grids of 5×5, 8×8 or 10 by 10, I found numeric rules to order the photographs, not design or composition rules.

I came back to grids in 1992 when I combined 24 images made with the Nimslo Camera. Again later I created a series using a Grid with the Action Tracker Camera in 1999.

I have been photographing the nude for over 50 years, exploring different cameras, processes and techniques. From the beginning of my working with the nude, I have been interested in making an image that says something, not being just a pretty image. I have been interested in the multiple image also from my graduate school explorations even before I began the thesis grids exploration.

Here I am organizing nine cell phone camera images into a 3×3 grid that explores sequences with line and form. This series speaks to my influences of the Bauhaus, formalism.