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Ann Schwab’s “PURE” exhibition online

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CoLAB Projects invites all to view Ann Schwab’s solo exhibition ‘PURE’ online. The exhibit runs until Oct. 31 at Beca Gallery.

“This current body of work – PURE – focuses on the regenerative, curative power of the natural world,” says Schwab. “The exaltation of the humble, the reverence of the beauty and singularity of form and the evocation elicited by a site or entity are presented as a balm for healing from injury.

“My photographic work depicts different steps in the process of coping with physical and emotional trauma, the physical wounds often acting as metaphors for emotional ones. Depiction of uncomfortable, disquieting acts, evidence of the sources of strength within and the course of healing provide trauma and healing as the point and counter point in the stages of affliction and recovery.” [more]

The exhibition in its entirety may be viewed online. A forthcoming companion exhibition book with an introduction essay by noted art critic D. Eric Bookhardt will be released on October 15, 2009.