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Architectural photography workshop with Richard Sexton

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From New Orleans Photography Workshops: A comprehensive week-end workshop with Richard Sexton focusing on New Orleans architecture – its history, influences and contemporary photographic interpretation.

The initial session will cover the basics of architectural photography: controlling perspective through camera movements or PC lenses and the aesthetic and technical implementation of wide angle lens photography. The types of photographic equipment used in architectural photographic equipement will be demonstrated, including the use of a digital 4×5 Phase One back on a view camera, and a digital SLR with PC and tilt/shift lenses. Richard will also cover the use of photoshop to emulate view camera perspective controls.

Photographic sessions will take place in The French Quarter, the Garden District, and the Sydney & Walda Besthoff sculpture garden at NOMA.

Dates: Sat and Sun, Oct 17 and 18.
Fee: $290

To register, print and fill out the pdf registration form and fax it to (504) 522.8109, or bring it to:

The New Orleans Photography Workshops
1927 Sophie Wright Place,
New Orleans, LA 70130, USA

Call (877) 316-0009 for more info.