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Artists announced for La. Road Trip exhibit

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Thom Bennett, NOPA’s VP of Programming, sent out the list of photographers this weekend who were chosen for the Louisiana Road Trip exhibition at this year’s Jazz Fest. The artists selected to exhibit are:

Sandra Chen Weinstein

Jenny Ellerbe
Marjorie Pierson
Morris Brum
Rita Posselt
Mark Mouton
Jason Neville
Jennifer Ocken
Thomas Neff
Mario Tama
Lee Celano
Suzanne Richards
Owen Murphy
Norris Fontenot
Bonita Waesche
Mark Charleville
George Long
Ted Cullen
Leslie Parr
Lucius Fontenot
Neil Alexander
Sesthasak Boonchai
Dede Lusk
Natasha Sanchez
Jeffrey Ehrenreich
Lori Folse
Betsy Gosling
Joseph Kerkman
Edward Richards
Ms. Freddye Hill
Eric Lincoln

We hope everyone will have an opportunity to visit The Grandstand during Jazz Fest this year and see the exhibit in its entirety. It promises to be a unique representation of the beautiful and unique state we live in. And, if you see Nick Spitzer on the grounds of the Festival, please thank him for such a wonderful job he did jurying. 

And here’s a picture of Nick (the producer and host of American Routes), so you know what to look for!