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ASMP and Copyright Alliance petition

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Fellow members of NOPA,

If you’re not already aware, there has been an effort underway for several years to weaken our rights as creators. It is no less than an attack on our personal freedom. Those involved in that effort don’t want you to stand up for your rights. Maintaining ownership of your work is very important and having the freedom to choose how you use, copy, and distribute your work is necessary for your success and livelihood.

The American Society of Media Photographers, of which I am a member, along with other organizations in the Copyright Alliance, is urging photographers to sign an online letter to tell the President and Vice President that you want your creative work to be recognized and respected.

It’s easy to sign the letter. At the link below, just enter your name, artist type, city, state, and email, fill out the code below it, and then hit “sign.”

I urge you to sign the letter and pass this information on to your other creative friends to sign. It’s not just for photographers. Your voice as an artist is important. Please sign the letter now.

George Long
Board Member, New Orleans Photo Alliance
Past-President, ASMP New Orleans/Gulf South