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BECA Gallery: Call to Artists

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Call to US based artists: a call for 2D and 3D submissions from US based artists for group exhibition. One artist from 3 finalists will be awarded a solo show to open October 4, 2008 during Arts for Arts Sake, one of the most popular art walk nights in New Orleans. Receive deadline is May 5, 2008.

‘Hybrids and Other Sorts’


– the offspring of two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species, or genera, esp. as produced through human manipulation for specific genetic characteristics.

– a person or group of persons produced by the interaction or crossbreeding of two unlike cultures, traditions, etc.

– anything derived from heterogeneous sources, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds.

– a word composed of elements originally drawn from different languages.


– bred from two distinct races, breeds, varieties, species, or genera.

– composite; formed or composed of heterogeneous elements.

– composed of elements originally drawn from different languages, as a word.

The world is full of hybridized peoples, cultures, places, ideas and things. We’re interested in viewing your personal expression of these. Complete information and submission form may be found here.