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Call for Images of Gulf Oil Disaster

From Stella Kramer:

I’m wondering what you know about photographers shooting the oil disaster?  Are there a lot of projects going on?  

I’m going to blog about it tomorrow and wonder if you know any people working on the story.  Especially from the point of view of fishermen and women, shrimpers, people rescuing injured wildlife, etc.  

David Bram and I have been talking about this. We plan on setting up a website to act as a central place for photos of the disaster, and try to arrange a day where people fan out across the area to shoot. After I spent yesterday looking at over 200 photos I felt there was so much more to the story and couldn’t believe more photographers were not going to document. 

If you are photographing any aspects of the oil disaster unfolding in the Gulf right now please contact Stella to tell her about your project.

Stella Kramer