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Call for Joan of Ark Inspired Art – Deadline Thursday

We still need a few artists for the 2nd Annual Joan of Arc Feast Day March & Celebration this weekend.

Organized completely by two local artists, the goal of this event is to foster awareness and appreciation for our city’s adopted heroine, St. Joan of Arc. As New Orleanians working through an era of rebuilding and renewal we believe that Joan stands as an incredibly inspiring symbol of perseverance against all odds and assumptions.

On Saturday, May 30, Joan’s Feast Day, we invite every New Orleanian to join us in front of the Cathedral to begin the march. The highlight of the march is a visit to her golden statue in the Place d’France where we will adorn her with flowers and toast her with wine. The march will then lead us to a celebration complete with live music & a collaborative art show.

We need: Any Joan of Arc inspired art. This is completely open to interpretation. The only logistic requirement is that it can hang on a wall. Deadline for submissions Thursday May 28.

Please contact Lara for more information: