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Call for Submissions: Michael Mazzeo Gallery

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With a project room to fill and ideas to explore, Michael Mazzeo Gallery is accepting submissions for consideration to participate in a salon-style group exhibition in our Chelsea gallery. The show will open on Thursday, November 18 and run through December 23. 

As with our RSVP initiative, artists are invited to upload images in response to a specified theme or subject. The submissions deadline is November 3. There are no fees involved, but selected works must be framed, ready to hang, and delivered to the gallery by November 13.

The overriding theme for this exhibition is privacy, a concept that has undergone significant reinterpretation in recent years. We willingly, and unwittingly, offer personal information and private details to online ‘friends’ and unknown entities.  Surveillance cameras record our moves in public and private spaces and gps technology can pinpoint our precise location through our phones. Is the notion of privacy a quaint myth?

Surely there is still space for confidential matters, furtive encounters,  hidden agendas, undisclosed locations, secret identities, clandestine affairs, ritual, fetish, desire, and intrigue.
What secrets do we keep now? How are artists addressing these issues?

We’re looking for compelling work that will engage viewers and challenge assumptions. We look forward to discovering new talent and continuing our support for established artists.

Work will be selected through online submissions only and here are the guidelines:

You may upload up to three images via the gallery submissions page.
Deadline for submissions is November 3.
Please note that space is limited and large prints will be kept to a minimum.
All selected work must be available for sale through MMG and not consigned from other another venue.
All selected work must be exhibition quality, signed, and editioned.
All selected work must be framed, ready to hang, and delivered to MMG by November 13.
To submit work,  RSVP.