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Calling All Food Photographers! Exhibition Opportunities at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum

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Hey NOPA people,

This is Chris Smith, manager of the collection for the new Southern Food and Beverage Museum in Riverwalk Marketplace. I do exhibitions too.

We have a gallery that is very nice for photography. We’ve had several photo exhibits on display in our short one-year history. In fact, right now we have an exhibition titled The Birth of Coffee by Daniel Lorenzetti. It consists of 37 photographs though they are tightly exhibited. The show is sponsored by Folger’s.

We need more photography exhibits and as you might expect, they need to focus on food and beverage of the American South. The show can focus on photo-journalism, or food styling, or other. We are very flexible. Duration of shows generally is six weeks. We do the standard publicity and the opening party and other stuff.

A person came in the other day to ask if we would sell her photos in our gift shop. We could tell by the photos that she had some talent and turns out she has some experience too. After some negotiation, she left with an exhibition and an additional project.

We’d like to work with you. (I did a project with Don Marshall when NOPA was on St. Mary street so I know about NOPA.) We love photography and recognize that we can display the works of photographers.

Chris Smith
Southern Food and Beverage Museum
One Poydras Street, #169
New Orleans, LA 70130
504-884-4008 (my cell which is the best way to get me.)