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Clarence John Laughlin Award Finalists

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Congratulations to the ten finalists for the 2011 Clarence John Laughlin Award:

Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Chris Bennett, Aaron BlumRachael Jablo, Isa Leshko, Neil Loughlin, Donna Pinckley, Kathleen Robbins, Joni Sternbach and Anderson Wrangle .

George Slade is the juror for NOPA’s second annual $5000 award for fine art photography. The winner will be announced on November 1, 2011.

Angela Bacon-Kidwell: Close to Twilight

Chris Bennett: Antelope, Oregon

Arron Blum: Lifetime Resident

Rachael Jablo: Sharp

Isa Leshko: Kelly, Irish Wolf Hound, Age 11

Neil Loughlin: Undercurrent

Donna Pinckley: William with Cat

Kathleen Robbins: Brooklyn Chapel

Joni Sternbach: Ed

Anderson Wrangle: Three Axes