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Clarence John Laughlin Award Finalists

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Congratulations to the eleven finalists for the inaugural Clarence John Laughlin Award: Frank Day, Ann George, Charles Grogg, Aaron Hobson, Maria Levitsky, Joyce P. Lopez, Louviere + Vanessa, Dorothy O’Connor, Traer Scott, Jessica Somers and Kathryn Wilson.

Each artist was asked to submit a print portfolio to juror John Wood. His final decision will be announced on November 1st, 2010.

Frank Day, Trail + Cruiser

Ann George, Obedience and The Gift

Charles Grogg, Subterraneous

Aaron Hobson, Linger

Maria Levitsky, Tree and Shadow

Dorothy O’Connor, Room

Joyce P. Lopez, Counting Eggs

Louviere + Vanessa, If X, Then Why?

Traer Scott, Baptism

Jessica Somers, When We Disagree

Kathryn Wilson, A Series of Seriously Failed Attempts III