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Critters Jury Results

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Many thanks to all the arists who submitted work for consideration. The following images were chosen for the exhibition:

Chris Brown – Caterpillars
Annie Walker – Albino
Rick Lineberger – Pointer
Beverly Coates – Cow Nose
Bill Varccaro – Scottie
Dede Lusk – Sheep Dogs
Hanah Neal – Window Dog
Rene Zietz – Mean Cat
Tami Bone – Birdman
Juliana Hoffpauir – Reddy’s Nose
Michelle Wuttke – Snail
Rene Allie – Rooster
Matthew Benton – Lavender Bee
Warren Harold – Wet Dogs
Ann Texter – Flamingo Dream
Shannon Stoney – Steer
Chricel Portela – Dirty Pig
George Long – Jester
Daniel Smith – Swampadillo
Barbara Gasdaglis – Gals Gossip
Jon Shiu – Speckled Hen
Grissel Giuliano – Chick Study 3
L. Kyle Roberts – Ersy’s Asylum
Jennifer Shaw – Crane Fly in Repose
Wendy Ploger – Hooray for Ernie
Kevin Kline – Roach in Glass # 2
Katharine Farmer – Laughing Shadow
Laura D’Alessandro – Darwin’s Nightmare Critter #1
Thom Bennett- Poet’s Hand
Charles Hedgcock – Long-Legged Black Ant