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Curators lead walk-through of “RAW” at HomeSpace on Sunday

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Curators Luis Cruz Azaceta and Sharon Jacques will lead a walk-through of “RAW,” the current exhibit at the HomeSpace gallery in New Orleans, on Sunday, Jan. 29, beginning at 2 p.m.

The gallery is located at 1128 St Roch Ave.

The RAW exhibit features work from: Alejandro Aguileram Luis Cruz Azaceta, Willie Birch, Mark Bercier, Kyle Bravo, Keith Calhoun, Teresa Cole, Stephen Paul Day, George Dureau, Courtney Egan, Carlos Estevez, Margaret Evangeline, Ming Fay, Gory, Jan Gilbert, Sharon Jacques, Kevin Kline, Robin Levy, Maria Lino, Deborah Luster, Shawne Major, Kevin McCaffrey, Chandra McCormick, Gary Oaks, Mary Jane Parker, Geandy Pavon, Sibylle Peretti, Peter Saul, Ann Schwab, Elizabeth Shannon, Mike Smith, David Sullivan, Victor Vazquez and Monica Zeringue.