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Curious Camera Competition

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Mary Findysz, President/Photographer for ArtsEye, announces their next Curious Camera Competition. She says:

This competition honors pinhole and plastic camera photographers with awards and prizes.

Deadline: Apr 23, 2010

The first rule is the lens needs to be a pinhole or plastic, and the second rule is to see the first rule. 
You can send in your entry by good old fashion snail mail or you can upload it via our “upload images” secure server. You can enter as many images as you want and the cost per entry is a mere $5 dollars. You can pay via Paypal, send us a check or if you come by the gallery with your submission you can pay with cash or credit card. There is also a competition for “Most Curious Camera”. Just send in a photograph of you camera along with a story about why it’s sooooo special and you may win a prize and a trophy and of course bragging rights for a whole year. 
We will be displaying all entries in ArtsEye Gallery and will host a reception on May 1 from 6-9 pm. 

We invite you to attend and bring your friends and family to show them how cool you are. Everyone is still talking about last years event and this years should be even better. Get creative and start photographing for fun.