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Cycling photo educator leading photo tips seminar on Dec. 5

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Coming to the New Orleans Photo Alliance gallery on Monday, Dec. 5: Free photo classes, geared toward beginners and hobbyists, as well as wedding and portrait photography professionals. They will be led by Khara Plicanic, a wedding photographer, speaker and author from Lincoln, Neb., who is now at the beginning stages of what she is calling The [Un]Tour.
The tour that is to take her some 3,100 miles, from San Diego to St. Augustine, Fla. She will lead seminars in eight cities along the way. 
Also of note: She is doing all this traveling by bicycle, in stretches of 50 to 75 miles a day. 
You read that correctly. She is attempting to cross the entirety of the Southeast and Southwest of the United States, by bicycle. (She is show below with web developer Emir Plicanic, who doubles as her cycling partner and husband.)
By no means do you have to be into cycling–or skilled in carbohydrate loading for eight-hour excursions, an old hand with fixing flat tires, or what have you–to join the couple in the Crescent City, nor do you have to be an experienced photographer. You do not even have to own a remotely advanced camera. There will, however, be a class aimed at experienced, professional photographers.
The NOPA gallery classes, scheduled for Monday, Dec. 5, will include:
  • “Wickedly Fast Wedding Workflow,” set for 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. The decidedly immodest goal of this class is to show participants how to finish editing wedding photographs, as well as design a wedding photo album, in only six to eight hours. Plicanic suggests that the class lessons can be easily adapted for portrait photography.
  • “10 Tips for Instantly Better Photos,” set for 7 to 8 p.m.. This is the seminar aimed at beginners to advanced hobbyists. According to Plicanic, the aim here is to educate and inspire, and to let people know that they can take great photos with whatever camera they have.
You may register for and learn more about the classes, as well as read about the couples’ beyond-merely-epic cycling tour, at The [Un]Tour website.

The NOPA gallery is located at 1111 St. Mary Street in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District.

Plicanic has led classes and workshops on photography for many years, including ones held at events such as the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conventions and trade shows. She is the author of a photo guide, Your Camera Loves You: Learn to Love it Back, recently published by Peachpit Press, a division of Pearson Education. Peachpit is a publishing partner for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPA), Adobe Systems and Apple, among other organizations.

The [UN]Tour classes are being presented in part by the online photography print service Mpix.