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Death of Polaroid and other bad news

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Of late I have been distressed over the lack of digital processing fees paid in New Orleans and then I get even worse news…

First, NYC has passed a law whereby if you are shooting in the city with anything more than a handheld camera, (i.e. you set up a tripod!) you need a permit.

Now a law that was just passed in the legislature that violates the 1st Amendment of the Constitution concerning photographing in National Parks. Public Law 106-206 augments previous statutes for authorizing commercial filming and still photography activities and provides protections for the affected Federal lands. All commercial filming on lands under DOI jurisdiction requires a permit. These criteria include the use of models, sets, or props or requesting access to an area to film or photograph which is, at that time, not open to the general public.

And finally, I read the obituary for Polaroid. Another death of an old friend due to the digital plague. Funeral services have yet to be announced.

Makes me want to take up basket weaving.