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Deborah Bright and Linda Dittmar Lecture Thursday 8pm @ Tulane

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Dear Photo Alliance Folk,

I wanted to send you a note about a photo lecture I’m organizing at
Tulane next Thursday. I know it is last minute and that there’s a
meeting that night, but I thought I’d pass along the info anyway.

The speaker(s) will be Deborah Bright and Linda Dittmar. Deborah
Bright is the current head of Photography at Rhode Island School of
Design. Here is a brief description of the talk:

Since 2005, RISD Photo and HAVC Professor Deborah Bright and Linda
Dittmar, writer and film scholar, have collaborated on a project
titled “Destruction Layer,” documenting sites in Israel where
Palestinian Arab villages and urban neighborhoods existed prior to
1948. The project brings together Bright’s long-standing interest as a
photographer in how landscapes are continually rewritten to tell
particular stories of heritage and nationhood, and Dittmar’s
perspective as a third-generation Israeli who writes about issues of
memory and identity in contemporary Israeli and Palestinian personal
documentary films.

Professors Dittmar and Bright will speak about
their project and show images from their work on March 5th at 8pm in
the Stone Auditorium at Tulane University’s Woldenberg Art Center.

Please contact me, Meghan Kirkwood, at 603 289 1386 if you have any questions.