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“Dependence” in latest issue of 100Eyes

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100Eyes presents its latest issue, entitled “Dependence,” with photographs by Lauren Greenfield (above), Cheryl Hanna-Truscott, Katya Heinemann, and Salvatore Esposito. You can view the presentations as either a “flip” book or a slideshow.

Editor Andy Levin still has space available in his workshop in Coney Island, June 14-20, with Kevin Downs along for the project as well. The workshop takes the week of the annual Mermaid Parade, marking the beginning of the summer season, and will focus on creating stories about the neighborhood. There are a handful of scholarships available, to apply for a scholarship use the registration form on the workshop page and include a link to your work and state briefly what project you had in mind to shoot. Scholarships are limited to tuition and are directed primarily to those who have already shown a photographic interest in Coney Island.