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DESIRE Opening Feb 7, Juror’s Talk Feb 8

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“amateur(to pursue for love)” by Steffanie Halley

New Orleans Photo Alliance Presents: DESIRE

The New Orleans Photo Alliance is pleased to present “DESIRE,” a photographic group exhibition juried by Mayumi Lake. In curating this exhibition from a wide range of international entries, Lake, who is renown for her own work on the subject of illicit desires, chose 29 images that speak to the layered aspects of desire in a variety of ways.

Desire is an eager wish to possess or enjoy. Its objects range from the pious to the sensuous to the mundane. Desire is, by its nature, unsustainable. Desire is fleeting, but images last forever.

“DESIRE” will be on view from Feb. 7 through Mar. 21, 2009 at the New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, 1111 St. Mary St. New Orleans, LA 70130. The opening reception takes place on Saturday, Feb 7, from 6-9pm.
Ms. Lake will present a Juror’s Talk on Sunday Feb. 8 at 7pm. A preview of the exhibition can be seen online here.

“Desire drives us in every aspect of our lives. How can this desire be transformed into a photographic image? Upon selecting images for the show, I emphasized images that could trigger various emotional reactions in the viewers’ minds: Attraction, longing, libido, fear, remorse, surprise, passion, obsession and pleasure. Every image in the show holds multiple layers of narrative, either extreme or subtle, and invites viewers to add additional layers of their imaginations.” – Mayumi Lake


Steffanie Halley
Kate and Camilla Inc.
Stewart Harvey
Michal Sosna
Martyn Thompson
Leslie Harris
Timothy Sheaffer
Shawn Escoffery
Catherine Gomersall
Phoebe Brown
Matthew Gamber
Kevin Kline
Bryce Lankard
Mimi Ko
Trix Rosen
Andrea Caldwell
Fred Scruton
Billy Sheahan

“It is the nature of desire not to be satisfied and most men live only for the gratification of it.” – Aristotle