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Enrollment open for October ‘Exploring the Delta’ workshop

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Magdalena Solé, a New York-based photographer whose documentary photo collection “New Delta Rising” was published earlier this year by the New York-based Dreyfus Health Foundation, will be leading a photographers’ workshop in the Mississippi Delta region (south of Memphis, Tenn. and north of Vicksburg, Miss.) from October 17-24.

The workshop, “Exploring the Delta,” will be based out of Seven Chimneys Farm in Stovall, Miss. located just outside of the small town of Clarksdale. Enrollment is currently open, but limited to 12 participants.

The full workshop fee is currently $1,500 if postmarked by Wednesday, Aug. 15, and $1800 if postmarked after that. Accommodations of $30 to $120 a night will be available at Seven Chimneys Farm.

The workshop, which is open to amateurs as well as professionals, is aimed at helping photographers understand, or begin to understand, their distinct way of seeing the world. Those enrolled will learn this through  group editing sessions, discussions, and presentations and exercises.

“Exploring the Delta” will begin with reviews of each participant’s work, as a means for a larger discussion about particular photographic issues. 

Solé will then explore topics with the class, including

  • the process of photographing spontaneously and intuitively
  • taking photographs in cultures other than one’s own
  • editing of photographs so as to reveal a story
  • the difference between images in a book and images on the wall
  • how long-term projects can evolve into books and exhibitions

For more information, please see the “Exploring the Delta” workshop’s brochure online. You may read more about “New Delta Rising,” meanwhile, at the website of the University Press of Mississippi, the book’s distributor.

Images: Photo from and cover of “New Delta Rising,” by Magdalena Solé.