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Free Online Mini-workshop – Create a Compelling Artist’s Statement

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Although you work in a visual medium, your ability to communicate clearly and concisely with galleries and collectors is critical. A well-written artist’s statement can reinforce the power of your work and help you make a strong, emotional connection with gallery owners and collectors.

This coming Wednesday night (July 29th) I welcome New York arts writer Adam Eisenstat for a free, online 30 minute workshop. During this mini-workshop you will learn the elements of a powerful statement, while learning to avoid mistakes that can make your statement fall flat or go over the top.

Adam is a versatile wordsmith with extensive experience in art writing. He was the director of communications at a major New York art school and for more than 15 years he has helped artists of all genres and professional levels promote themselves effectively.

Adam will present clear, concrete advice on how to write an effective artist’s statement, and will take your questions. Space for this session is limited, and it will fill quickly so please reserve your space now.

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I look forward to having you join us

. Jason Horejs
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