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Funding sought for NOLA/Santiago de Cuba traditions project

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Bluethroat Productions, a group that began in New Orleans via cultural exchanges between Cuban and local artists and performers, is seeking funding via the Kickstarter website for a film and video project that will focus the similarities and shared heritage of music, parade and dance traditions of New Orleans and Santiago de Cuba.

Among those involved with the project are Bluethroat photographer and NOPA member Christopher Porché West.

The aim of the project, “A Cultural Odyssey: from New Orleans to Santiago de Cuba,” is to examine the Afro-Caribbean heritage of and connections between second line parades in New Orleans and Conga lines in the Cuban city.

Bluethroat has a fundraising pledge goal of $10,000, with about 30 percent of that goal reached at the time of this NOPA blog entry’s posting. The deadline for reaching that goal is 4:30 a.m. (CDST) on Wednesday, June 27.

As is always the case with projects set up at Kickstarter, a crowd-funding website, if the pledge goal is not reached by the deadline, then no money will ever change hands. The project will, in other words, be left unfunded.

According to Bluethroat’s project page, the funding will be used to help fund exhibits and the showing of documentaries and videos in Santiago de Cuba, as well as the adding of subtitles to one documentary, and the like. One of the exhibits will feature the work of NOPA member West, who also plans to donate some of his photography work to Santiago de Cuba’s Carnival Museum.

For more specifics on the project and the organization behind, please see the Kickstarter page, and the Bluethroat website