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Get a handle on your data with Sesthasak Boonchai, Tuesday May 19

We are creating huge amounts of data every day; some of it we need (most of it we don’t). We are flooded with meaningless acronyms, user “agreements,”; file “requirements” and naming “structures.” The grim reality is, most of us create using tools that generate ephemeral data that we’ve attached whole livelihoods to. It’s a frightening mess.
Join Sesthasak Boonchai for a webinar focused on philosophical and practical strategies for getting a handle on your digital swamp.

While maintaining his art and education practice for the past 25 years, Sesthasak Boonchai has worked in the trenches of film and video production, commercial and fine art photography, printing, publishing and web development. He is currently the Digital Projects manager at the New Orleans Museum of Art and co-founder of Pack/Peel/Pour, a place for lovers of of many maneers of instant photographic processes.