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Haiti Workshop: Photo Aid and slideshow

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If you want to get to Haiti and shoot, here’s a great chance to do it with this offering from 100Eyes:

Keep the eyes of the world on Haiti, yet there are many stories that are not being seen, and will continue to be under-reported in the months to come. 100Eyes we will be conducting an ongoing series of workshops for photographers who will fly in to Haiti, and work on stories all over the country. Workshops for February are sold out, but we are signing up people for March at this time. We are happy to help anyone wanting to travel to document Haiti, you don’t have to be part of our group to share in this information. Please check on Lightstalkers and feel free to email at

Pricing for the workshop is set a $1,500 at this time. We expect to have groups of 6-8 working on the ground, the sessions will last for one week, and our dates are flexible and dependent on enrollment. Costs are exclusive of airfare and food, and participants will be responsible for bringing in essential supplies which we will detail for you, including enough food for your stay. There will also be limited housing possibilities and participants should understand that they will be working in a crisis area, and that a certain amount of risk is involved.

We are taking donations for food and medicine through our partner Zanmi Lakay who will have full fiduciary control of donations, and have been conducting photo classes in for Haitian children since 2000. Zanmi Lakay will be involved in all aspects of the project.

Register here, or donate to Zanmi Lakay.

Andy Levine, editor of 100Eyes, shot these graphic images from Haiti, as well, which may give you and idea of what you’ll be shooting.