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Helping John McCusker

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Efforts to aid staff photographer for the Times-Picauyne, John McCusker, through a tough time are underway. His friends at the Times-Picayune are  organizing to help his family since his wife, Johanna  Schindler, suffered a brain aneurism on Saturday evening. Also, some of John’s friends from the Dart Center have set up a Pay Pal account to help cover the expenses from Johanna’s hospitalization and care. If  you’d like to contribute, follow this link. All the money will go directly to the

Below is a website giving information about Johanna  Schindler’s condition as well as a growing community effort to provide support  for John and his family. This web page was set up by Johanna’s cousin to  keep everyone up to date on her condition.

Thanks to Jef Jaisun for the heads up.