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HiHo Lounge Seeking Art Submissions

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From Tara Eden:

Hey artists and friends-of-artists,

I am getting ready to start putting together a new
art show at the HiHo with an opening that will
coinside with all The St.Claude Art District openings
held every second Saturday of the month!!!

Clearly, I don’t have time to get it together for
February, but it’s in the works for March. We are not sure yet
if we are going to host the openings-afterparty or
just have our own early opening on that evening.

So, if you, or any of your cohorts or loved ones would
to get exposed, send me submissions as JPEGs
or bring me photos to the HiHo to check out!

Remember, work (with the exception of a few spaces)
has to be BIG to be seen. Also keep in mind that the
selections we make are not just on your brilliance or
experience. We are looking for work that compliments
the space and won’t be depressing or creepy to look at
all the time!!! (Obviously a music theme is highly

Please spread the word and forward this email to
anyone you think might be interested. Work must be
ready to hang by the end of Ferbruary.

As before, all work can be available for sale. We have
not implemented a comission for the bar, but a
reasonable gratuity, relative to cost of sale, would
be expected. I will forward on details of the art opening event as
they materialize.


Tara Eden

The info on this St.Claude Arts District can be found
Info on the Hi Ho Lounge and upcoming events can be