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International School of Louisiana Opportunity

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This is a very rewarding opportunity to work with middle school students for a photography mini-course: April 1-12th. Social studies teacher, Devin Meyers has arranged a two-week photography program for a select group of 12 middle school students from the International School of Louisiana (ISL). Students will create photo-projects, go on photo-centric fieldtrips, and hear guest speakers from the photography world.

Devin is currently seeking interested photographers from all genres and fields to help create a diversified, well-rounded program. The goal is to expose the children to many different aspects and applications for photography. All ideas are welcomed- and a few sample project ideas (things we already have) are:

-Nature photographer will come and speak about lighting and aperture… then the children will spend the afternoon taking pictures of the plants in the playground
-Come show your work and discuss your field….
-Carry out a project with the kids…

If you have something to offer the students, please contact:
Devin Meyers