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Jock Sturges portrait workshop

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And speaking of Jock Sturges … New Orleans Workshops is offering a 5-day workshop with the man himself, just around the corner, March 7-11. There are a few spots left, at $1,300 each.

(I would absolutely love to do this, but the fee is a little preventative. If anyone else does it, please contact me afterward, I’d like to set up a quick phone interview just to mention on the blog about how it went.)

From the Workshops site:

This five-day workshop examines advanced techniques in fine art portraiture. Outstanding portraits are the result of the interaction with the model prior as much as during to the shoot, and Sturges focuses on establishing a relationship between the photographer and his/her subject. Participants will explore techniques of empowering their subject to reveal an inner truth essential to making a fine art portrait with non-professional models, a technique of which he is a universally recognized master.

The workshop consists of morning and afternoon sessions. Each morning begins with a review of the prior day’s work. In the afternoon, under the tutorial of Sturges, participants shoot with models on location at The House on Bayou Road. Built in 1798, this Petite Creole Plantation reigns in simple elegance over historic New Orleans’ “back of town”, across the street from Edgar Degas’s former residence and just a few blocks from the New Orleans Museum of Arts. Two acres of lush landscaping, authentic architecture, and creature comfort make this the perfect setting to experience the romantic grit of old New Orleans against the backdrop of Louisiana in the full flower of spring.