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LA State Museum photographs focus of WVUE-Fox8 feature

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The photography collection of the Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans was the focus of a “Heart of Louisiana” series feature that aired last week on the news programs of WVUE-Fox8, the Crescent City’s Fox Network affiliate. The video is shown above.

The television news segment features NOPA members Mark J. Sindler and Tony Lewis, who serve as the museum’s chief photographer and curator of visual arts, respectively. Sindler, it must be noted, is a former NOPA president, while Lewis served as curator for the 2010 exhibit of the CURRENTS series, an annual members showcase.

The WVUE segment highlights the museum’s collection of some 200,000 photographs. Works shown include daguerreotypes from the mid-19th Century, along with a photogenic drawing produced, possibly as early as 1935, by a young assistant of naturalist and painter John James Audubon.

The segment also focuses on the museum’s ongoing documenting of Louisiana life and culture, through a look at Sindler’s cultural documentary photo work.

A multi-media news feature, with the video segment on the museum’s collection and accompanying text, is available at the WVUE site.