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Let’s Have A Dialog about the Changing of the Guard

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I know there are private conversations taking place all over town about the future of the New Orleans Photo Alliance.

I thought it might be useful to start a public dialog here on our blog where we can all make suggestions for potential leaders to fill each of the officers positions. I hope this will also provide a space where all interested parties can express their desire to serve in an elected position. Feel free to use this as a forum to introduce yourselves to the membership at large and share any relevant experience.

Each position & it’s duties is outlined in a series of posts below.

To get the conversation started please leave your comments & suggestions below each post.

Please note: This will not take the place of the official nominations process. We still need nomination forms which were emailed to you filled out and turned in by January 20th.

And another note: Due to an earlier barrage of spam to our fair blog “comment moderation” has been put in place, meaning that all comments must first be approved by the blog author. So, if you’re trying to comment on this post but think it’s not letting you, it probably just needs administrator approval for the comment to go live. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.