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Light Leaks: call to artists – “Ebb & Flow: The cycle of change”

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Light Leaks magazine has an open call to all photographers using low-fi cameras all over the world to submit your best image representing this theme.

What is a “low-fi camera”? Low-fi cameras are simple cameras – the simpler the better. Both the quality of the lens and camera are considered low grade. Good examples are the Holga, Diana, Supersampler, and Brownie. We also accept pinhole photography (if the back of the camera is low-fi), and some of the lower end Polaroid cameras. We will not consider anything from digital cameras, Lensbaby, Lomo Lubitel and LC-A.

Number of images to submit: 1 only
File type: .jpg only
Resolution: 72dpi
Image size: a good size to fill your screen (minimum 400 pixels, maximum 1000 pixels in width and/or height)
Image name: firstname-lastname-LL17.jpg
Submit to:
Deadline: March 13, 2010.