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Maggie Taylor: CJL 2017 Finalist

MAGGIE TAYLOR: CJL 2017 Finalist
Gainesville, Florida

Since 1997 all of my images have been created with the use of computers, flatbed scanners, and small digital cameras. I see the scanner as a type of light-sensitive device which is not much different than a digital camera.

The Clarence John Laughlin Award annually grants one $5000 prize and an exhibition in the NOPA gallery to a photographer whose work exhibits sustained artistic excellence and creative vision.

The 2017 award finalists are: Marina Font (Miami Beach, FL), Susan Grant (Dallas, TX), Cig Harvey (Rockport, ME), Letitia Huckaby (Benbrook, TX), Jennifer Schlesinger (Santa Fe, NM), Tara Sellios (South Boston, MA), Elizabeth Stone (Greenough, MT), Jerry Takigawa (Monteray, CA), Maggie Taylor (Gainesville, FL), Anna Tomczak (Lake Helen, FL)