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Maja Georgiou at Canary Gallery

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I am pleased, and honored to present the newest solo show by photographer Maja Georgiou. I have known Maja for years in many forms, from our days back in the darkroom (RIP) at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, and then as committee heads at the New Orleans Photo Alliance. I have seen her and her work mature over the years into what we will be showing next week, and i only wish i had an ounce of her vision.

The body of work in “Southern Light” is movement. Georgiou’s whispy, ethereal landscapes hold solid ground yet move from one plane to the next. As photographers we are tricksters: we are constantly trying to trick the eyes. When photographing, we are presented with a three-dimensional reality and it is our job to tell that story in the end, using only two dimensions. Maja Georgiou’s story is not only told true, but the book that surrounds you sings with depth, dance, and adventure.

I hope to see you at her opening reception, Saturday, April 4th from 6-9.

Zack Smith
Curator, CANARY Gallery
329 Julia St


Croatian born photographer, Maja Georgiou, has lived and worked in New Orleans since 1994. Prior to coming to New Orleans she lived in Athens, Greece from 1989-1994 where her love for travel and discovery of unique places and cultures was born.

In 2002 while contemplating a career change, her husband introduced her to photography. After a couple of intense lessons in picture taking, picture making and a few semesters of darkroom courses at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, Maja embarked on a new path of self discovery and visual communication.

Currently Maja works as a freelance fine art portrait photographer, while she continues to pursue her personal work.