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Mardi Gras 360 Worskshop Update

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Hey y’all hope you had a great holiday and New Year and have recovered from PHOTONOLA, I just can’t say enough about the great job that Mark, Jen, Bryce, Thom, Lori and the others did on that. The Bruce Davidson presentation was fantastic, and the work shown at the portfolio review was inspirational. Congratulations on taking a huge step in making the area a top photography center.

I just wanted to give you an update on the workshop, which is starting to fill up. I hope that some of you take advantage of the opportunity and join us. Debbie Fleming Caffery is a great teacher and hasn’t done a workshop in Louisiana for a long time, this is a great chance to work with her and have all that Carnival stuff to shoot. So if you are serious about working with her, her petit class is starting to fill up……..we are in the Alliance Francais, great venue, and it will be a lot of fun. The site is still

Thanks for your support.