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Marti Belcher offering India photo tour, Oct – Nov 2010

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Marti Belcher is offering a “Moods Of India” tour, Oct 25 – Nov 9, 2010. The tour gets you two weeks of photo ops in India, and includes room and board, for around $6,000. Airfare, passports, etc. not included. An eight-person limit assures an intimate trip. The site reads:

This journey is for anyone who is passionate about discovering another land, another way of life. The physical stress level of the excursion is moderate. There will be walking but we will not be hiking mountains. It is usually warm in India but October/November is an excellent time to visit India.

Photographers and non-photographers alike will find much to captivate them. Photographers will enjoy the many and varied photo opportunities. However, this is not a photography course. For all participants, this trip is your own personal journey, a chance for you to explore and to tap into your senses. You will have the opportunity to interact with adults and children and to learn about an ancient culture that began thousands of years ago with a migration from Africa.