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Mary V. Swanson talks about her upcoming workshop

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Above, Mary V. Swanson discusses the workshop she’ll be presenting in New Orleans this April, titled. “Presenting your Work to the Fine Art Community.”

NO Photography Workshops site reads:

In this half-week classroom-based seminar (Wednesday evening – Saturday noon) Mary Virginia Swanson provides insights into the most effective avenues for photographers to introduce their work to gallery and museum professionals and others seeking to acquire or display original artwork.

Through a series of lectures and presentations Swanson will discuss the value of entering national and international juried exhibitions and participating in portfolio review events. Important gallery trade shows are discussed from the perspective of helping artists assess prices and edition sizes, and research the marketplace towards potential venues for their work. Effective self-promotion materials are shared with participants, as are the professional practices necessary to successfully present their work. She will also discuss ‘talking points’ when given the opportunity to sign with a gallery for representation.

In addition to discussing the collecting marketplace, in response to a growing use of fine art photographs as illustration on music packaging, book jackets and diverse print media, Swanson provides experienced insights issues relating to granting the rights to reproduce (license) photographs from personal bodies of work, and related negotiations. One session within this information-filled workshop is dedicated to group sharing; participants are invited to bring several samples of their work to share with the class (not required).

Swanson’s book “The Business of Photography: Principles and Practices” will be provided to all participants as the course workbook.