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Member David Rae Morris seeks funding for ‘Yazoo Revisited’

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NOPA member, photographer, and filmmaker, David Rae Morris is seeking support for his film “Yazoo Revisited.”

From Morris’ statement about the film:
My current project, “Yazoo Revisited” re-examines a critical period in Mississippi history, the integration of the public schools in 1970.  My father, the late writer Willie Morris, grew up in Yazoo City, Mississippi in the 1940s and 50s and wrote passionately about his youth.  Using his first two books, “North Toward Home” (1967) and “Yazoo: Integration in a Deep Southern Town,” (1971), I revisit the racial and political history of this small Mississippi town, the integration of the public schools and its effect on the community and the state as a whole.  I have been working on the project for more than a year and have already conducted extensive interviews with former students and faculty from Yazoo High School, as well as former elected officials and journalists who covered the story.  With the help of a generous mini-grant from the Mississippi Humanities Council last winter, I was able to produce a trailer for the film and a working 30-minute edit.

See David Rae Morris’ “Yazoo Revisited” page at IndieGoGO, a crowd-funding website, for more information about the funding effort. Past NOPA Blog coverage can be found here.

Yazoo Revisited from David Rae Morris on Vimeo.